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YESSSSSSS MADARA IS BACK!!!  noooo, Kensei and Matsumoto turned into zombies! TAT and Zeira’s alive. Man Mavis is super smart!


OutOfMissions : Sorry guys I just don’t have the mood, school will start in a week…I wanna watch animes for my last week of vacation. Idk when this hiatus will be over though. I might reblog anytime but I’ll hardly be here, if I am I’m mostly lurking…






a red panda eating sushi.

This is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. 

Life feels better now

Yes, I needed to see this. 

So slowly and with such exploration and intent.





johnny depp is so confusing like sometimes he looks like this


and then later he looks like this


hE dOESN’T eVEn LOOK LiKE tHE SAme PERson!!!!?????


he’s an actor

actor fuck that shit he passed actor a long time ago hes a straight up shape shifter at this point.

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-Using the force



-The Matrix



-Going Super…

how to win a fight in anime


1. fight rly hard

2. get the shit beat out of u and fall on the ground

3. get up slowly with blood dripping from ur mouth

4. crack a smile and say something about friends and not giving up

5. win. thats it u will automatically win after following steps 1-4

  • me: i love roleplaying
  • me: roleplaying is so fun
  • me: this is a fun time
  • me: takes 90 years to reply



Decided to take a video while flying this morning.

Best. Idea. Ever.


emotionless-redhead: "Honey, I'm home." //what are the chances~





I will be married for a week to the first person in my askbox who says “Honey, I’m home”

"So…" he started, looking straight at the red head: "It is just 7 days." he sighed. Seven days playing house with  someone he barely knew, how would this end? He had no clue at all. If the hokage hadn’t started this bonding program, this never would have happened. Shisui didn’t mind this that much, after all he needed to get more friends and he had nothing against her. Shisui didn’t see so many problems with this whole act, instead he wondered what the consequences would be:  "You can move in to my apartment, I’ll just set things ready there."

Shisui nodded to show he understood. He had almost forgotten that she was an immigrant in Konoha. It seemed like she had some kind of relation with them, however, it was strange she refused to view them as friends. “You’re right. It is quite late.” he replied and glanced towards the window, it was dark there outside. He packed the cards neatly into their box. “I am helping with the dishes.” he told her and went to the kitchen.

" The dishes are quite few, one person alone is capable in washing it all I guess. " she smiled a faint content smile. After a few minutes of minor chores the female inquired " I’ll head to bed first is that alright? Is there anything else before bed? " Gathering some stuff from her luggage. Soon she finished the essentials before bed. Her sleeping attire consisting of black shorts and shirt just the right size. "I’ll sleep in the couch okay? " 

He put away the last plate to dry, before turning around to her again. “No I guess this was all for today…” It was pitch black there out and he let out a yawn. “It’s okay we have some extra futons in the storage room. You can borrow one.” He told her, not wanting her to sleep on the couch. He took the thin mattress from there and put it on the floor. “Hope this is okay…”

She nodded eyeing the mattress  ” Yes, it’s good enough. ” Now taking the futon and placing it near the window, ” I kinda like sleeping near a window, not that it’s that important, but since I’m gonna relax then why not? ”  She let out a small sigh and removed her mask, ” Why not gaze the stars tomorrow night? I’m not in a mood tonight. Good night Honey~ ” Just like that Azusa fell asleep with a curve on her lips.


Izaya put his hands in his pockets as he nodded silently. The raven wandered around idly, and sat on a chunk of crumbled wall. “Of course I do. Are you here for any particular reason?” He asked curiously.

" Reason? I live here, it’s not exactly the best place to live, but I have my reasons…" Azusa jumped of the rock to Izaya’s front, now face to face within a meter " And what exactly is yours sir?" The redhead’s most common question and introduction came out of habit again "It would be convenient to give me your name, too. Of course I’m not forcing anything. My name is Azusa."

— Anonymous: Leans in for a kiss….

"  Sorry sir but what are you doing? " 


waiting for the chapter like:


Passion for Jesus 2014 (sorry for my hiatus)

Well, there’s school. 

Then there’s the Passion for Jesus 2014!!!It was soooo much fun and I’ve never felt the Lord’s love this much before!!! It was so full of young (I know I shouldn’t say this because I’m probably one of the youngest in there) Christians who love Christ with all their heart! I feel like my faith isn’t enough yet, but I’ll keep moving forward in Christianity! I don’t know how my watchers see Christianity and Jesus, but he is the one and only real God and way to heaven! I wonder if they’ll give me the CD of the whole thing so I can post it? Don’t worry I’m not forcing anyone into Christianity, but I recommend it:)Cling to the Cross emote :D Crucifix Emote 
We had rock music, man those teens can rock! Also learned some drum basics, hehe ^^



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The mercenary didn’t really have any schedule for today, which meant a full day of rest. Looking up from these forgotten ruins of Uzushiogakure, Azusa sensed another presence. ” Who’s there, stop hiding please. “

Izaya allowed himself to be seen as he jumped down to the ground with grace. As always, a slight smirk tugged at the corners of his lips. “Heh, not bad~~.” The raven noted.

Azusa stared for a moment ,taking in the appearance of the other before speaking. ” I haven’t seen you before, do you have a specific reason to be on these ruins sir? ” her tone cold and unchanging. 

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